Revmo Group provides specialist solutions for almost every market sector imaginable, and therefore we can assist your company to provide first class solutions that can drive your company securely into the future knowing you have the backing of Revmo Group behind you at every step. Whilst we possess a number of elements of particular expertise as outlined below, these industrial sectors represent a snapshot of Revmo Group’s practical knowledge, experience and capabilities.

Revmo Group

Faster Speed to Market

Revmo Group has been helping clients get their products and services to market faster and better prepared for future growth by understanding that clients not only want to achieve their goals but want to achieve them faster than ever before. Today’s marketplaces don’t stand still for long and those that take their time risk getting left behind.

Speed is of the essence with Big Data, business intelligence and cloud-based analytics serving as the primary factors in pushing today's worldwide marketplace into a continuous thirst for data. The task is to produce the most suitable system architectures that can rapidly achieve your organization’s business intelligence objectives.

Our client’s reliance upon time-critical data has culminated in the continuing development of our FSTM (faster speed to market approach). This innovative approach focuses on the need for speed throughout virtually all organization units-for example, sales, procedures, and marketing-using cutting-edge resources which are exclusively designed with faster speed-to-market implementations as the primary goal.

Increase Profit Margins / Revenue

A great deal of Revmo Group’s crucial focus areas regarding our client businesses are on the progression and implementation of business intelligence and marketing analytics to support businesses to more effectively recognize their marketplaces and boost profitability and business development. Revmo Group’s knowledge has been garnered through years of hard-won practical experience as leading marketing specialists, who have experienced rewarding careers on both sides of the desk as shareholders themselves.

Revmo Group’s marketing analytics team recognizes the game changers throughout today’s business, of which there are many and may incorporate but aren't restricted to:

• Market size, predictions, general trends, and markets;
• Brand awareness, desires, and brand/company loyalty levels;
• Pricing and buying characteristics;
• Product/service considerations;
• Competitor activity.

Your company can access priceless information determined by what we call exact detail marketing, simply by concentrating on select elements of your marketing approach that may need a different strategy in addition to focusing on who you ought to be marketing and selling to.

Additionally, Revmo Group’s marketing analytics solutions incorporate competitive intelligence resources to determine and calculate how your competitors are performing and whether your company stacks up positively or needs some work. Your company will be able to implement these insights and reap the benefits of much more targeted and powerful promotional solutions that have been determined by precise data evaluation.

Reduced Costs

Revmo Group’s analytics primary concern is accomplishing far more with far less time and at a reduced cost. This is always welcome news for company management who demand faster deployments, more efficient analytical success, and consequently greater returns on their technological budget.

Revmo Group’s analytic strategy and solutions are precisely structured to remain cheaper in costs, both in regard to data architectures and implementations:

• Greatly lessen or eradicate design and development charges from outsourced programmers.
• Reduce servicing fees, by reducing the requirement and quantity of essential support staff as a result of a much simpler structure.
• Develop versatile, more affordable alternatives for support structures.

Revmo Group’s selection of analytics solutions may also help lower your companies running costs. Most companies nowadays are inhibited by additional demands to reduce costs via optimizing in house business operations together with routine maintenance issues. Revmo Group provides several analytics procedures to minimize these necessary costs:

• Reduce business procedure expenses related to logistics.
• Develop intelligent tracking solutions that focus on maintenance problems, with both precautionary and predictive maintenance systems that depend on sensor data to evaluate precisely how your equipment is operated and when to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance or even replace equipment.