Strategic Preparation and Analytic Data Services


One misunderstanding involving Big Data projects is that as soon as they’re in position, businesses can settle-back, unwind and reap the rewards with negligible adverse reactions. The fact is more complicated. Without strategic preparation, Big Data projects can produce unintended, long-term consequences that adversely affect a business’s all-round framework along with its individual business sections.

This is where our Revmo Group solutions can assist you. Revmo Group is central to the, hands-on critical preparation assistance which takes the essential what-if look at precisely how these kinds of innovative procedures will impact the day-to-day operations of your business procedures. Dissecting the big picture into more compact bite size bits including all the company departments which might be affected by change. Our Revmo Group strategists can assist businesses recognize and develop a center of excellence which successfully aligns IT and Company departments with new, Big Data procedures.


Our industry potential evaluation process helps clients outline ideas which have the potential scope for additional analysis and study into the feasibility of a data-driven business. This in-depth evaluation includes analyzing market size potential, profit potential, earnings estimations, competition, threats, obstacles, and market place differentiators and additional data factors, with the sky becoming the virtual limit when it comes to novel approaches businesses can benefit from their raw data, analyzed data, public data, behavioral data, buying tendencies, and more.

Subsequently, we establish proof of value concepts to discover the economic feasibility of suggested services or products, accompanied by prospective setup situations where we take into consideration potential partners, potential acquisition targets, and prospective execution strategies that will make the most for the kind of business or particular markets where our clients find their customers or conduct their business.

Last but not least, we help control the complete Realization Procedure together with the support of marketing and advertising agencies, technology suppliers, and our own in-house specialists.

Revmo Group

Data Science

At Revmo Group, we believe that data science has potential as the next huge step in the development of business intelligence to transform data into knowledge and understanding. Integrating huge quantities of data with sophisticated analytics approaches, present day computer technology, and location abilities within particular business markets, our Revmo Group solutions come from our clients’ expanding need to look at Big Data’s crystal ball to get a glimpse into the future and see the potential of their business.

Revmo Group’s solutions are perfect for companies that need to discover why they’re surrendering ground to competitors, or in the event that they wish to forecast future revenue structured within a variety of converging elements: previous performance, present and expected economic environments, social media sentiment, website traffic, and client retention levels, amongst others. What sets Revmo Group’s data specialists apart from pure statisticians is undoubtedly our computer programming skills which we employ to handle huge data sets combined with our focus on business sector analysis and understanding, that we use to steer our results.

By incorporating Revmo Group’s business intelligence, data warehousing, and Big Data experience with sophisticated statistical approaches, Revmo Group delivers purposeful added value to your analytical endeavors

Warehouse Solutions

Let’s be honest. With regards to data warehouse technology, there’s an abundance of suppliers and configurations to think about. The issue is, which makes the most sense to your own business now and in the future? That’s where Revmo Group can certainly help.

Our Revmo Group warehouse experts assess, install, set up and put into operation high-performance data warehouse architectures throughout the world. Our systems are created to be versatile, and scalable, with long-term add-on capability to prevent unwanted up-front expenses as a result of over-provisioning. Revmo Group assists our client’s businesses create data warehouse systems with a “belt and braces” attitude, guaranteeing hardware or software failures don’t bring your business to a standstill. Equipment inside our systems may incorporate warm-standby servers, parallel channels, twin power source technology, and hard drive back-up or disk mirroring combined a failsafe process for web server malfunction.