At the beginning, Revmo Group’s founding concepts were created and produced to deliver a completely results-driven, flexible strategy, referred to as "The Revmo Group Model”. This model has been continuously enhanced throughout the years, enabling compact, agile teams of specialists to produce optimum results with a minimum of expense with respect to our client’s businesses. The secret to Revmo Group’s versatile solution is its varied versions, which may be duplicated repeatedly to present businesses with quantifiable, qualitative knowledge that pushes its business forward.

Our Big Data Assignments are Totally Results-driven

Through a great deal of practical experience we’ve perfected a procedure for consulting which has demonstrated to be extremely effective. Our assignments are completely results-driven and repetitive in order that clients see success early on. In most cases we are able to commence providing solution prototypes within one month.

Our consulting strategy consists of small, nimble teams with experienced and knowledgeable team members who are multi-skilled. When suitable, we’ll provide targeted skill-based programmers to carry out individual development tasks, however we never place a team of junior staff into client’s offices.

This strategy is all underpinned by our Revmo Group Model, that has been highly processed over years to produce optimum results with minimal expense. Although we can adjust to the procedures associated with any customer, we consider a strategy with several versions is far better with regard to Big Data.

Revmo Group

Why Revmo Group?

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics Emphasis

Revmo Group concentrates solely on creating forward-thinking Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and channels the increasing strength of Big Data with our Revmo Group Model strategy. Nowadays, conventional methods of acquiring and evaluating information can only take your business to a point.

Our BI emphasis emanates from the recognition in the course of Revmo Group’s beginnings that the disorderly realm of available, real-time data could be restructured, evaluated, and utilized in a groundbreaking approach to enable your business to make more informed and proactive conclusions. We’ve purposely developed our process over time by investing in education and technology, and through selecting reputable experts and disruptors from the elite arena of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.


Extensive Consulting Experience

Revmo Group’s specialists can guide your business from the concept and advanced planning stage through to execution throughout leading technologies and numerous industrial sectors. Our management specialists, business analysts, data designers and technicians are specialists in the arena and leverage their combined practical experience. They have assisted many businesses improve their worth and competitive advantage.

Unparalleled BI & Big Data Knowledge

Revmo Group make it a top priority to share their BI knowledge. The opportunity of untapped knowledge relating to Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics is massive, and REVMO GROUP acknowledges that its efforts within the arena coupled with essential lessons learned in the process may well provide incredible benefits as an educational resource for other businesses.