About Us

Revmo Group was formed in 2009 and delivers Big Data analytical solutions to a diverse range of clients situated throughout the world. Our focus and philosophy are to assist our clients to understand the overwhelming volumes of data they collect and utilize it to best benefit their business.

We have a dedicated team, who since our inception have been striving to achieve the best results for our clients. They are experts in the field of data analytics and have been involved in the business intelligence industry for many years.

Our ideas have assisted the move away from conventional data collecting and distribution to Big Data Analytics and are ready to discuss and share their experiences to help clients understand the power behind Big Data.

We are convinced that by combining our team’s knowledge and experience, we are able to ascertain and organize the enormous quantities of structured and unstructured data available and generate a data delivery strategy that allows you to comprehend exactly where your business is, what it is required to succeed, and the way you can make it happen.

Revmo Group

our team

Brendan Oliver
Co-Founder & Director

Brendan Oliver is a Co-Founder at Revmo Group. His role incorporates running and developing Big Data analytics architectures with data warehousing systems and Cloud solutions. Mr. Oliver is especially proficient in the development, execution, and delivery of Business Intelligence procedures, Master Data Administration strategies and sophisticated Data Warehousing strategies.

Brendan emphasizes that structure and growth of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse systems are multi-faceted ventures, with lots of active components. His career includes outstanding knowledge of Business Intelligence planning, account management, project guidance and project administration. Brendan is acknowledged as a concept innovator in the fields related to business intelligence architectures and the influence this creates toward business expansion. Brendan will continue to individually manage, design, and steer numerous engagements within the company.

Andrew Spencer
Co-Founder & Operations Director

Andrew is steering the task to expand our team, generate new opportunities, and deliver BI and Big Data analytics solutions to an increasing number of clients. Andrew possesses an outstanding track record in IT/BI and operations leadership and brings his signature visionary strategy to carry it off. Andrew’s professional trajectory can be defined as not one but two simultaneous paths - one path demonstrating his work as an IT strategist, proficient at establishing effective procedures for technology and business intelligence, and the other displaying his operations and management abilities in business services consultation services.

Stephen Rollinson
Director - Strategic Development

An innovator in the fast-developing field of Big Data and Business Intelligence, Stephen is regarded as a prominent specialist within the strategy, planning and execution of business intelligence, data warehouse and big data analytics strategies. With more than 20 years practical experience. In his previous assignments within several business intelligence and data warehouse consulting businesses, Stephen continues to be in charge of the planning, management and development of global services procedures. He constantly cultivates emergent technologies and solutions within the company and makes it a top priority to interact with others in the business intelligence arena to implement Revmo Group’s assignments with the greatest degree of knowledge. Stephen’s position also includes broadening associations with industry frontrunners and building strategic relationships with clients to further their objectives.

Mandy Tremblay
Chief Financial Officer

At Revmo Group, Mandy’s work entails control of Revmo Group’s accounting procedures and financials, cashflow along with risk management, payroll and human resources procedures, as well as operations reports. Her inherent management skills, communication and accounting experience are considerable components in assisting Revmo Group create and sustain its cohesive, robust financial framework. Her responsibility furthermore includes routinely examining approaches to enhance in house controls and sustain compliance legislation, communicating possible inadequacies with adjustments and delivering solutions.